BackTpack is the best ergonomic bag, improving balance and posture while reducing back pain. Side bags are balanced, encouraging habits of healthy movement.

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The Healthy Way to Carry

BackTpack was designed by a physical therapist as a remedy for the poor posture and pain associated with everyday backpack use such as school, travel, and commuting. Better than a backpack, BackTpack’s ergonomic side bag system applies a balanced load onto the vertical spinal axis, prompting you to stand straight and tall. With good posture, your bones, muscles, and all the systems of the body work in harmony with gravity— the foundation of fitness and injury prevention.

Common backpacks require you to lean forward to compensate for the load on the back. This posture leads to back, neck and shoulder pain. BackTpack allows you to stand, walk, and sit with your spine and head tall and your shoulders relaxed in a healthy posture. No more twisting and bending to access items.

Training these postural habits will contribute to lifelong healthy movement and a strong skeleton. The load feels much lighter, and when applied in this manner becomes your friend not your burden, encouraging your body to be strong, upright, graceful and free.


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Reduce Pain - Train Posture

  • A healthy school bag, ergonomic travel bag, and laptop carrier
  • Improves posture, balance, and strength
  • Comfortable and versatile for travel,
work and daily use
  • Compartments accessible even
    when you sit

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