Posture comparison with BackTpack vs standard backpack with the same load

BackTpack Improves Balance on Uneven and Icy Surfaces

I received my BackTpack by mail yesterday. I loaded it with library books this morning and took off over very uneven, icy trails across about 10 blocks of parkland to my local library. Balance is superb. It is great to be able to load and unload without removing the harness and bags. It will be

Michael, Canada
April 2020

Love BackTpack

I love mine! I use it all the time when I travel.

Mel S.
July 2018

Voice Improvement for Singer

You asked about my motivation behind the purchase of the BackTpack and it was really to try and reduce (and hopefully eliminate) pain and discomfort from my traditional backpack. I sing for a living, and so any undue stress or tension immediately manifests in my voice and affects my work. This is a big part

Eulis Kay
April 2019

Travel Without Pain

I love my BackTpack. I travel a lot. Now without back pain.

Joy H.
October 2018

What a Difference with BackTpack!

After I had been wearing my BackTpack for several months, I tried on my old conventional backpack to see if I’d feel a difference…and did I ever! I never realized how uncomfortable a regular backpack is until I had the BackTpack.    

September 2012

Durable Bag for Medical Examiner

These bags are almost indestructible, and wash well. They are rather like Birkenstock® shoes; you need to be sure you like the color when you buy them, since they take years to wear out. The current bag has survived a few purses and is in better shape still than all the purses I have junked.

Marilyn Fraser, MD, Family Practice in Lincoln City, OR
May 2022

Pain Down in One Day

After wearing/using my BackTPack for one day, I have noticed a significant reduction in pain associated with carrying a handbag/purse and materials for work. Previously, I used/would carry a purse and backpack. Quality material and assembly….worth the price!

Queen L.
October 2015

BackTpack Great for Medical School

I don’t get any kickbacks from BackTpack, but their bags – I found one in my school bookstore and then bought another online – were my go-to in medical school. I was able to keep lunch, snack and personal items (purse) on one side, and my school documents, computer, and some medical supplies on the

Electra A., ND
October 2018

BackTpack Mini Into Kindergarten

I got a BackTpack for my daughter when she was in preschool and she is now wearing it in kindergarten. It works so well that I am getting another one for my son, now that he is in preschool!

Heather B.
November 2019

On Bikes

They work great on bikes of all kinds.

Penny V.
July 2018

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