Posture comparison with BackTpack vs standard backpack with the same load

Back and Neck Problems “Disappear” with BackTpack

This is the most amazing load carrying system ever invented. All my back and neck problems disappeared within 2 days of using it, and as a student carrying many pounds of books it has been a literal lifesaver for me. Every student should have one, as well as anyone who carries any kind of weight

B. Sommer
July 2013

Better than Pilates

I’ve had intermittent back pain throughout my adult life – most likely due to poor posture and not being able to sit properly in most chairs (I am five feet tall). I practice Pilates to help with my core strength and other things but the BackTpack just automatically makes me stand taller and feel better

Ann C.
June 2019

Durable Bag for Medical Examiner

These bags are almost indestructible, and wash well. They are rather like Birkenstock® shoes; you need to be sure you like the color when you buy them, since they take years to wear out. The current bag has survived a few purses and is in better shape still than all the purses I have junked.

Marilyn Fraser, MD, Family Practice in Lincoln City, OR
August 2020

What a Difference with BackTpack!

After I had been wearing my BackTpack for several months, I tried on my old conventional backpack to see if I’d feel a difference…and did I ever! I never realized how uncomfortable a regular backpack is until I had the BackTpack.    

September 2012

BackTpack is Amazing for a Blind/Visually Impaired Person

This product is amazing! I have been looking for something like this since I became a white cane user over four years ago. As a blind/visually impaired person, our hands are already occupied with our guide dog and/or white cane. We have to bend a lot to care for our dogs who are our eyes

Tracey T
June 2017

Happy Mom Happy Boys

Schoolboys from South Africa happy wearing their new BackTpack

Boys r doing just great… They said it is far better and their backs aren’t sore or bending backwards.

Mom from South Africa
February 2020

BackTpack Helpful for Those With Assistance Dogs

Ed wearing BackTpack with Alepo his service dog

Both Alepo and I attended the 2018 California Council of the Blind conference and convention held on March 21st-26th, 2018 in Sacramento, California where I met Marilyn M von Foerster, PT who was promoting her BackTpack, which is actually “side-packs” that make carrying anything much easier for individuals, such as me. This was especially helpful

Ed C.
March 2018

Pain Free Activity

Back T Pack is the best for travel, hiking, sitting on a fast train in Europe and playing frisbee on the beach! Builds good bones and posture, too!It keeps you aligned, balanced and pain free! Yay!

Mary R.
July 2018

Hiking with BackTpack. Less Sweaty, Less Pain, Easy Access

Hiker using his BackTpack

Our hike for the day was 19 miles and I was very pleased that I chose this pack over the traditional backpack/day-pack. I was able to carry my trail-food, water bottles, water filter, first aid kit, camcorder, and still have room for my clothing layers as I donned or doffed them. I had inner enclosed

Arthur Baudendistel, PT, OCS, COMT, Folsom, California,
August 2020

With BackTpack No Back, Shoulder and Hip Aches

Just arrived home from an 8 day business trip across Europe. Seven airports, Multiple airlines, multiple hotels and miles of walking. All carrying a larger laptop and all the other necessary paraphernalia. This time I did it with a BackTpack. Unlike the dozens of backpacks and rolling briefcases I ‘ve gone through over the years,

Joy H.
July 2018

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