Posture comparison with BackTpack vs standard backpack with the same load

Recommend BackTpack to Patients

First off, BackTpack’s amazing bag design saved my back and shoulders through medical school! I recommend them to my patients who have heavy things to carry on a daily basis. They work great when bicycling and hiking, and when you hang it on the back of a chair – your books, pens, snacks and water

Electro A.
February 2017

PT Ergonomist Enthusiastic about BackTpack

As a physical therapist with a specialty in ergonomics, I was quite excited to read about the BackTpack and all of the thought and effort that went in to designing such a ‘body-friendly’ product. It did not disappoint. Extremely well made, highly adjustable and so many compartments I need to come up with a system

Pam H.
August 2017

Happy Mom Happy Boys

Schoolboys from South Africa happy wearing their new BackTpack

Boys r doing just great… They said it is far better and their backs aren’t sore or bending backwards.

Mom from South Africa
February 2020

Student Chooses BackTpack Over Conventional Backpacks

After I had been wearing my BackTpack for several months, I tried on my old conventional backpack to see if I’d feel a difference…and did I ever! I never realized how uncomfortable a regular backpack is until I had the BackTpack.

April 2020

BackTpack is Amazing for a Blind/Visually Impaired Person

This product is amazing! I have been looking for something like this since I became a white cane user over four years ago. As a blind/visually impaired person, our hands are already occupied with our guide dog and/or white cane. We have to bend a lot to care for our dogs who are our eyes

Tracey T
June 2017

Occupational Therapy Student Prefers BackTpack

I tried out the BackTpack today at the OTAC conference and loved it!! So comfy and felt like I wasn’t carrying anything! What a brilliant alternative to my current backpack that hurts me every day!”

Valerie H.
October 2013

Smiles and Energy

She loves her new bag. Came home full of smiles & energy and not so tired anymore.

R. Van Schalkwyk, Age 6, South Africa
April 2019

School Bag & Small Dog Carrier

Young woman carrying two small dogs, one in each side bag of her BackTpack

Stephanie, 16, is very happy using the BackTpack for school and for carrying two Papillon dogs weighing 5 pounds each.

Stephanie, Australia
January 2021

Daily Ergonomics

Thank you Marilyn for creating this product! I have been using it for more than a year and a half almost on a daily basis and I absolutely love the ergonomic attention to detail that you have designed in this product! It is truly an amazing product 🙂

Fernando O.
September 2018

Great Posture and Compartments

Posture comparison showing school boy with markedly improved Posture with BackTpack vs. Common backpack

We love the  Back T pack!!  It makes such a huge difference to posture when carrying any weight and all the compartments are great!!  Thank you !!

Tracy M., South Africa
January 2020

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