Posture comparison with BackTpack vs standard backpack with the same load

Good for Riding Bike to School

Boy happily riding his bike to school with comfort and balance wearing his BackTpack

My old backpack just weighed me down and half the time it was resting on the back tire when I rode my bike. My backpack even got a hole where it was resting on the bike tire. It just got too hard for me to ride my bike so I stopped. With my BackTpack, I

Stuart N.
April 2021

Everyday for Two Years

After wearing my BackTpack, I will never wear a regular backpack again. After two years it shows minimal wear and tear, and I have used it every day. I have used it for my mile-long walk to work, for travel to art lessons, and as my only luggage on plane trips. I love it!Ju

Sister Hilda
June 2015

Prevents Usual Back and Shoulder Problems

I bought the BackTpack several years ago and have used it as a work bag, travel bag, and bike bag. It works. It’s lightweight yet really durable. Over a period of years the only significant issue was a chest clip that needed replacing and the company sent me one as soon as I told them

Tom K.
October 2015

Mom Wants to Start her Child Off Right

3 year old boy wearing red BackTpack Mini doesn't notice he is carrying some books while he is playing naturally

I’m a believer in BackTpack as being a proactive way to teach proper posture and prevent neck and back problems. And as I see it, it’s just like wearing a seat belt in the car or a helmet for bike riding, kids that have grown up with these habits are more likely to continue them

Nichole A.
February 2016

Life Made Easier for Blind Person with Guide Dog and White Cane

This product is amazing! I have been looking for something like this since I became a white cane user over four years ago. As a blind/visually impaired person, our hands are already occupied with our guide dog and/or white cane. We have to bend a lot to care for our dogs who are our eyes

Tracey S.
June 2015

Pain Relief in Back, Neck and Shoulders for Guide Dog Handler

Woman with guide dog in comfort and balance using her BackTpack

I got your product from someone who had bought a number to resell. I’ve had it since mid June and have to say that it’s an incredible product! I have arthritis and deteriorative disk disease in my neck and upper spine, C6 through T4. This came about as a result of carrying heavy computer bags

Jenine S.
April 2021

Great Posture and Compartments

Posture comparison showing school boy with markedly improved Posture with BackTpack vs. Common backpack

We love the  Back T pack!!  It makes such a huge difference to posture when carrying any weight and all the compartments are great!!  Thank you !!

Tracy M., South Africa
January 2020

A Great Contribution to the Planet

Lady wearing BackTpack preparing to board a train

“I sure love my BackTpack and have taken it on planes, trains, automobiles, and cable cars! A great contribution to the planet!”

Karla E.
August 2019

Better than Pilates

I’ve had intermittent back pain throughout my adult life – most likely due to poor posture and not being able to sit properly in most chairs (I am five feet tall). I practice Pilates to help with my core strength and other things but the BackTpack just automatically makes me stand taller and feel better

Ann C.
June 2019

Daily Ergonomics

Thank you Marilyn for creating this product! I have been using it for more than a year and a half almost on a daily basis and I absolutely love the ergonomic attention to detail that you have designed in this product! It is truly an amazing product 🙂

Fernando O.
September 2018

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