Blind & Deaf

Blind people find that BackTpack, an ergonomic bag for both deaf and blind, and anyone who walks!, not only relieves their posture-related pain, but they also have a new sense of ease, safety and freedom.

Deaf people also get pain relief from improved posture when using BackTpack in place of other carrying systems. They especially appreciate having their hands free for signing while the bag is secure at their sides.

Balance is enhanced due to the bilateral load, lower center of gravity, and postural feedback provided by BackTpack.

Guide dog users and service dog handlers find that their life becomes much simpler and more comfortable with BackTpack.  Not only is pain reduced or eliminated, but they have a free hand in addition to the harness hand, they can reach all their doggie supplies easily, sit down with the bag on, have ease in servicing their service dog, and so many more conveniences....

Safety, security, and access are major concerns for both the deaf and the blind. They find that BackTpack has no equal in addressing these concerns.

Visually Impaired Person Using BackTpack BackTpack, ergonomic bag for the deaf and blind

BackTpack Featured on "Eyes-Free Fitness™ Podcast"

June 2015 | Eyes-Free Fitness™ Podcast
Marilyn, creator of BackTpack, shares her background, the origins and features of BackTpack, and how and why BackTpack works. She is interviewed by Mel Scott, owner of BlindAlive and the host of the Eyes-Free Fitness™ Podcast. This special podcast series is aimed toward the blind and low vision community on the road to fitness. Click to listen to the entire interview...

woman with guide dog using Backtpack"BackTpack is an incredible product! I have arthritis and deteriorative disk disease in my neck and upper spine. This was the result of carrying heavy equipment improperly. This pack allows me to carry all of my stuff easily and end the day with little to no pain. I’ve taken the pack to trade shows where I am carrying heavy equipment and have had no issues with my neck and upper spine. I love the many compartments too! I’m sure you have heard from many guide dog handlers about the problems we have with our necks and shoulders, and finding a proper bag that looks good and works well is hard. Not every pack is going to work because in the left hand, I hold the harness handle. Well, I know I’ve found my carrying system in your product!"

– Jenine S.

Ed and Alepo his service dog"Both Alepo and I attended the 2018 California Council of the Blind conference and convention held on March 21st-26th, 2018 in Sacramento, California where I met Marilyn M von Foerster, PT who was promoting her BackTpack, which is actually “side-packs” that make carrying anything much easier for individuals, such as me.

This was especially helpful for me, as I hold my canine partners harness with my left-hand and his gentle leader in my right-hand, which makes carrying things very difficult for me. But, the BackTpack takes away any hurdles and carrying becomes, so easy to accomplish. They can be especially helpful to assistance dog teams."

-Ed C.

"I love BackTpack so much! I have had my first one for six years, and after all the abuse it has taken, it was time to buy a new one. I ordered it last week, and it came very quickly. My husband and oldest son also own BackTpacks and they have been great as we all have trudged to and from school. My best friend also bought one a few years ago. I tell everyone I meet about this wonderful carrying system.

I am blind and have a mobility impairment, and the BackTpack has made it very easy for me to carry my computer, water bottle, and everything else, and use my white cane effectively. The BackTpack has made it so much easier for me to be a busy student and mom. Thank you!"

– Kasondra

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