Walking to the transit stop or to work wearing BackTpack, an ergonomic commuter bag, is comfortable, healthy, safe, and trains good posture.

Your items are well organized and secure at your sides. You are aware of the space you occupy and less likely to bump others as you turn.

BackTpack an ergonomic commuter bag

You save time on your commute because you don’t have to wrestle to remove your bag and find your fare. You have easy access to everything you need: your fare, your phone, your reading material, your water bottle, your laptop, etc.

If the weather is bad your BackTpack is directly under your arms and umbrella, and you will have better balance on snow and ice.

Commuting with BackTpackBackTpack Action ShotCommuter Boarding a Bus with BackTpack Commuter Paying a Bus Fare with BackTpack

"BackTpack is awesome and I tell people all the time when I travel on the train with mine on and I don't have the huge bulky pack on my back... my things are on my sides so I can move around and sit with it all at my side. What a great invention." -Holly K.

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