BackTpack for Bicycle & Motorcycle Riders

Balanced side-bags keep the center of gravity low

BackTpack's balanced side-bags keep the center of gravity low to improve balance, stability and safety. You have on-demand access to the bag's contents without removing the bag. BackTpack can be used for one- or two-wheeled transportation.

Many people who wear a backpack while riding, say they do it to provide a hydration system. BackTpack 4 has inside loops to fasten bilateral hydration packs. There are headphone ports on both sides for the hydration tubes or electronics.  These straps can lace through the shoulder strapping mechanism to stay close at hand.

Tips for bicycling with BackTpack

When bicyclists lean forward to use their handlebars they can keep their back straight and head and neck in a healthy position. The back panel of the BackTpack bears the load onto a straight spine, rather than encouraging rounded shoulders and spine when the load pulls from the shoulders, as with a conventional backpack.

The LAP-STRAP is not needed for bicycling and it can impede leg movement. You should not tighten this strap because it will bring the bags to the front of your body and legs. Some users prefer to shorten the shoulder straps of BackTpack so it rides higher.

With BackTpack 4, you can adjust the hip width adjuster so that the compartments ride further back, clear of leg motion. You can experiment and find what is most comfortable for you.  The hip-loading belt on the BackTpack 4 is a convenient and comfortable way to secure the compartments to your sides and eliminate excess motion.

Cyclist Using BackTpack with balanced side-bags

Tips for motorcycling with BackTpack

Motorcyclists appreciate the function of the LAP-STRAP which transfers the weight off the shoulders and spine onto the thighs when seated, allowing free motion of the trunk for safe operation of the vehicle. Since sitting with a loaded spine is unhealthy and usually painful, especially for long distances and bumpy rides, BackTpack's LAP-STRAP is a pain saver.

Motorcyclist Using BackTpack

Cyclists comment on why they love their BackTpacks…

young boy riding a bike with BackTpack"My old backpack just weighed me down and half the time, it was resting on the back tire when I rode my bike. My backpack even got a hole where it was resting on the bike tire. It just got too hard for me to ride my bike so I stopped. With my BackTpack, I can put my binder on one side and my clarinet on the other. It's easier to pedal so I'm riding my bike to school again."

- Stuart N.

WOU dance students showing off their BackTpacks"My children ride their bikes to school and they have found that it is more difficult to balance with traditional backpacks, which place the load high upon the back. They prefer their backTpacks because the load has a lower center of gravity and is balanced from side to side making bike riding much safer and more stable. What parent wouldn’t want that?"

- Sharon O.

Motorcyclists comment on why they love their BackTpacks…

"One of the big problems with riding a motorcycle long distance is back problems. So many riders use back packs. I don't unless I have no choice. I use a large tank bag or strap something on bike. Thats not a great idea as it can come off. BackTpack is the greatest! When riding I don't even know I am carrying anything. I had quite a bit in in it today and it was really comfortable. It's a real winner"

- Karl from New York City

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