Portable Oxygen Users

If you have breathing problems and need to use oxygen on a regular basis, you need to carry the O2 tank with the least effort and greatest comfort possible. BackTpack was designed to be an ergonomic oxygen bag for back health as well as efficiency in breathing and movement.

By placing your oxygen tank on one side of BackTpack and your personal items on the other, you are balanced and the load feels much lighter than with a single shoulder bag or backpack. You can access your items at all times without having to take the bag off and lift it on again.

BackTpack allows you to sit as the load is transferred off your shoulders onto your thighs via the LAP-STRAP while keeping all items accessible at your sides.

Since the weight is even on both shoulders, it trains good posture which allows your diaphragm fuller excursion and minimizes the accessory breathing muscles of your neck, upper chest and shoulders. You can rest your arms on each side bag to further allow a more efficient breathing pattern chiefly from the diaphragm.

Showing BackTpack, an ergonomic oxygen bag Close up of how BackTpack can be used as an ergonomic oxygen bag

oxygen tank user seated using the LAP-STRAP