Photographers & Field Scientists

Anyone doing field work finds BackTpack , the ergonomic photography/field bag, to be a back and neck saver. The load is evenly distributed and centered on the vertical spinal axis, making the load seem much lighter.

The compartments are accessible in any position. The user has better balance in awkward positions and the load transfers to the thighs when getting low to the ground for those special shots or when gathering specimens.

It is easy to adapt this ergonomic photography/field bag for photographic or other specific equipment use, by obtaining padded dividers or pouches to keep lenses and other accessories separated. There are camera accessories and inserts so you can customize your BackTpack for your own photography needs. Ask your favorite camera supplier about inserts. When you have a good system you can recommend to us and to others, please email in your photos too!

BackTpack is a back-healthy ergonomic photography/field bag for biologists, archeologists, geologists, engineers, surveyors, and others who carry tools and collect samples in the field.

Photographer Using BackTpack, an ergonomic photography/field bag Photographer Using BacktPack

Photographers and field scientists comment on why they love their BackTpacks…

"I often walk 5 miles or more surveying birds and plants. This pack really helps distribute the weight of cameras, binoculars, field guides, gps, snacks, clothing layers, tablet pc, and more. No more lower back problems after hikes! It has many separate compartments to stow items so they are not in a jumble, and it is easy to reach in and grab what's needed instead of taking off a backpack to rummage through. Very sturdy material, adjustable straps, fits over a parka or a t-shirt. This is the first time I've written a review -- I really like this product!" 

- B. Rice, Sea Ranch CA

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Field Worker Using BackTpack"My new BackTpack keeps my gear evenly distributed and better balanced. It therefore allows me to keep my back straighter, reducing the neck tension and pain that I used to accept as inevitable. I especially love the ease with which I can access all of my gear, and my rather heavy camera now resides in the BackTpack instead of in a case strapped around my waist. There's plenty of room for lenses as well as my field recording equipment and other supplies."

- Lisa, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Q & A with Sharon W., a Cultural Conservator in Australia

Q: What is the work that you do and how has BackTpack helped you?

A: I am a conservator and need to carry equipment, tools and electronics with me for work. The side bags and various compartments of the BackTpack allow me to access them easily and be mobile which is very helpful in my line of work. Although I carry the same amount of items as before, using the BackTpack makes it seem more effortless. Maybe it's because the weight is no longer pressing down on my back so my posture is better and am able to weave in and out of human traffic much faster than before. It has also been very effective at helping me cart around books and files as I am also pursuing postgraduate studies at University.

Q: Did you have pain previously with your traditional backpack? 

A: Yes. I was carrying heavy items such as books, toolkits and electronics in my traditional backpack. Hence, there was often a pull on my shoulders and that seemed to strain my neck muscles. The constant neck strain also lead to tension headaches. Hence, I was looking for an ergonomic alternative that would allow me to carry the weight in a healthier manner.

Q: Has BackTpack helped with that?

A: Yes, enormously! The bags on both sides allow me to distribute the weight evenly so I feel more balanced. This has also taken the pressure off my neck, shoulders and back which allows me to move more freely as I don't feel weighed down. My posture has also improved as I don't stoop like I used to in order to compensate for the heavy loads on my traditional backpack.

Q: Did you know if you are in a crowded bus or going down a narrow aisle, just swivel the system on your torso front to back and you can sit with one at your back and one on your lap?

A: Yes, that has come in very handy indeed. It's a lot easier to travel on public transport during peak hours without the hassle of removing and holding my backpack in my hands for long periods of time.

"It's great for carrying multiple lenses and a small video camera too…it saves fatigue when out in the field and -0- strain on the neck and shoulders after wearing for hours." - Richard W.