Traveling with BackTpack

BackTpack, an ergonomic travel bag, adds to the enjoyment of traveling. Travelers tell us it is the “best backpack for travel.” With BackTpack, you can stand and walk comfortably while dealing with long lines and long distances.

If you are in a crowded bus, chair with arms, or going down a narrow aisle, you can swivel the bags front to back to take up less space, but still have access.

Wearing it while in a train provides armrests as well.  You can also move the bags around for special support where you need it for comfort. You can fall asleep in comfort, knowing that your belongings are right with you.

For airline travel, BackTpack counts as one personal item! With most airlines, you can still have carry-on luggage in addition.

Mother and daughter enjoying their hike in comfort with BackTpack

You can sit anywhere without having to take it off.

If you have to wait long hours in the airport, you can sit with your bag on, securely fastened to your body, and not worry about it if you fall asleep.

You can sit at a restaurant without putting your bag on the floor. The LAP-STRAP immediately transfers the load from your shoulders onto your lap so it feels like it is off, while you do not have to worry about leaving it behind.  You just need to remember to put the shoulder straps on again before you get up!

BackTpack's Lap-Strap keeps bags in place whether shoulder straps are on or off

BackTpack keeps you organized and your items accessible and secure.

You have separate pockets for your camera, passport, ticket, subway pass, map, cell phone, etc., and larger compartments for miscellaneous items.

Photo showing easy access in BackTpack's side-bags while seated in a chair
Back view of BackTpack wearer entering a bus

Upright Posture with BackTpack for a Spiritual Pilgrimage

If you are on a pilgrimage walking to holy sites, BackTpack is the perfect pilgrimage bag for carrying your basic necessities while focusing on your spiritual journey. The upright posture encouraged by BackTpack allows the body to be part of the spiritual focus with each step; steady, confident, and without the distraction of pain.

Traveler using BackTpack an ergonomic travel bag

BackTpack Travelers

Travelers comment on why they love their BackTpacks…

Traveling in Copenhagen with BackTpack"We are back from Copenhagen where we spent Christmas and New Years. I used this pack daily for 10 days and carried each day a large bottle of water in each side plus what ever else I needed for the day. I didn't take off the pack at all for at least 8 hours each day. You can see that I was bundled up with 5 layers of clothing because the temp was about 25F with the wind chill running about 17F. I could sit easily without removing the pack. I was amazed at the ease of carring a moderate "load" one would expect to have on vacation. I can assure you that you will never have a customer any happier with your product than I am. It was wonderful not to have to take a day pack off every time I sat down. We rode city busses, subways and commuter trains hundreds of times and it was great to have the comfort and luxury of leaving the BackTpack on. Thanks again for a great product. Bravo BackTpack."

- Joe, BackTpack enthusiast

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Traveler Using BackTpack

"Here is my mom wearing the BackTpack at Machu Picchu in Peru. She said it was so easy for her to carry while hiking and eliminated any back pains. She was hiking in comfort while my poor father used a regular pack and was pretty sore afterwards."

- Tana

Image of the Innovation & Excellence Award for BackTpack in travel products