School backpacks and COVID

It is exciting to get back to school, but not with back pain from increased backpack use. Classrooms are being modified for students and teachers to return safely to school during the COVID pandemic.  Many of these adjustments require increased use of backpacks. COVID modifications in school environments increase backpack use The hybrid system of […]

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Posture comparison showing school boy with markedly improved Posture with BackTpack vs. Common backpack

An orthopaedically-healthy solution to school backpack issues: The full scoop

WHAT BackTpack® is an evidence-based, axial-loading carrying system designed by a physical therapist as an orthopaedically-healthy solution to school backpack issues such as student pain and poor posture. WHY Common school backpacks, with their off-axis design, create postural distortion which affects all movement and increases the load’s force on the body. Prolonged daily use of […]

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physics of the Tumpline Trainer with a backpack

Correcting forward head posture with a tumpline

The most efficient way to carry a load, is axially through the head and neck. Native populations around the world have known this for centuries. Although BackTpack is an axial-loading system, unlike the common backpack, it would be even better if it included the head. Then it could directly correct forward head posture and distribute […]

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Side view of nine-year-old boy showing the poor posture associated with wearing a loaded conventional backpack

The myth of “backpack safety”

Backpacks are off-axis loading systems. There is no way to safely carry weight in a backpack, no matter how light the load, because it disrupts our body mechanics by design. Even an empty backpack can distort posture, which may lead to fatigue and pain. Why ergonomic backpacks fail When posture is distorted, our joint and […]

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Back health and school chairs

A school chair must allow and support proper sitting posture of a neutral pelvis and upright trunk and head. This is done with a chair that has the following features: (1) Seat platform level (no forward or backward tilt), but may be molded (2) Backrest with lumbar support, and vertical, with spring or give for some movement. The backrest should not be reclined or posterior to seat platform.

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Backpack Safety is an Oxymoron

As backpack use for school has become widespread, numerous articles and programs have offered instruction and guidelines in “backpack safety”. Nevertheless, the incidence of backpack-related pain and injury continues to rise and has reached epidemic proportions.

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What is an “Ergonomic Backpack” and why BackTpack is Truly Ergonomic

The International Ergonomics Association defines Ergonomics or Human Factors as follows: Ergonomics (or Human Factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance. […]

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