physics of the Tumpline Trainer with a backpack

Correcting forward head posture with a tumpline

The most efficient way to carry a load, is axially through the head and neck. Native populations around the world have known this for centuries. Although BackTpack is an axial-loading system, unlike the common backpack, it would be even better if it included the head. Then it could directly correct forward head posture and distribute the weight throughout the entire postural system.

In our culture we have lost our heads!

We no longer wear hats or clothing that includes our heads.  Our heads now go where our computers, books, cellphones, or backpacks direct them.  We need to correct this forward head posture for the health of our entire postural system.

Bring the head back on top

I created the Tumpline Trainer so you can learn to include your head with the rest of your body. In fact, the head will lead the way, as it is meant to do, starting at birth, through rolling, crawling, coming to standing, and beginning to walk.  We need to keep that process going throughout life for the body to reach its fullest movement potential with ease.

Drawing of Tumpline Trainer attached to pack with two shoulder straps

Tumpline Trainer worn over the head and attached to shoulder straps on both sides

Unlike other tumplines on the market such as the Patagonia Tumpline or the Duluth Pack Tumpline, the Tumpline Trainer is adjustable for training purposes.  It is not meant to carry heavy loads.  It can be used with little or no weight on the head and neck until optimal head posture and axial neck extension (lengthening movement of the head and neck), is accomplished.  Then only slight weight can be applied gradually by the adjustability of the shoulder straps.  This strengthen system is a new experience in our culture and it feels great.  Give it a try.

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