BackTpack an Orthopaedically-healthy Solution to School Backpack Issues: The Full Scoop

WHAT BackTpack® is an evidence-based, axial-loading carrying system designed by a physical therapist as an orthopaedically-healthy solution to school backpack issues such as student pain and poor posture. WHY Common school backpacks, with their off-axis design, create postural distortion which affects all movement and increases the load’s force on the body. Prolonged daily use of […]

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Force vectors BackTpack vs conventional backpack

The myth of “backpack safety”

Backpacks are off-axis loading systems. There is no way to safely carry weight in a backpack, no matter how light the load, because it disrupts our body mechanics by design. Even an empty backpack can distort posture, which may lead to fatigue and pain. Why ergonomic backpacks fail When posture is distorted, our joint and […]

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Image of speedy walking, no problem with BackTpack

What’s New in the BackTpack 4?

Hip-loading belt is an integral part of the bag, not an optional extra. This belt is for taking the weight of the bag off of your spine and shoulders if/when you need to do so for comfort or because of injury. Locking system for hip width. It allows adjustment for narrower or wider hips, and […]

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