Fundraise with BackTpack

BackTpack is available at a 50% discount for school fundraisers to help our children and, at the same time, help raise much-needed funds for your school. Your school can make up to 100% profit while helping your children's back and posture.

The process is simple. Print the order form, take orders and mail them with payment to us. Your BackTpack order will be shipped to your organization. Your committee can establish whatever selling price you wish. The funds you raise will be the difference between your selling price and the discount price plus shipping costs.

Organizations are limited to one fundraiser per year. For further information, please contact us.

Fundraise with BackTpack

St. Thomas the Apostle School in Hyde Park, Chicago was the first school to fundraise with BackTpack!

A concerned father and his daughter, who was interested in learning and exploring a better system, stepped up to introduce a healthy alternative to the painful school backpack, for the well being of their school community.

Lexi’s Story, told by her dad…….
"When my daughter was entering Middle School I was concerned about the weight of her books on her back. She sometimes complained about her back when she came home from elementary school and Middle School issued heavier books! I did some research online and found a variety of “better for your back” bags. I compared features and preferred the BackTpack bags.

Before purchasing this type of bag, which is definitely different than what students wear, I consulted with the Principal of my daughter’s new school so my daughter would not be ostracized by the other students. She said if your daughter wants to wear it then let her be a LEADER!

Well my daughter wore her new bag since it eliminated that back pain, but of course she was teased about it being different. She was totally prepared for that ribbing and told them about the benefits of the bag = no more pain on her back, better posture, and easy to find amongst the others! For fun she said it could be two footballs under her arms as she ran around the school, or could be used as a shield like a super hero’s cape to protect her.

She allowed her fellow students to try it on and even did a science project on this bag. The science project, which BTW won her 3rd place, documented the posture changes when students tried on their “regular” bags and her bag with the same load. She also documented their comments about them feeling a reduction in back strain or pain. At the science fair parents were very curious about this bag which sparked a school fundraiser selling BackTpack bags to both students and parents.

My recent observation... Usually I have to buy a new bag each year due to them wearing out or zippers breaking, but after two solid years of school use her bag is still performing quite well. So I am pleased with this purchase."

Lexi's BackTpack Fundraiser Story

Marilyn's Comments
Lexi is a leader. It takes courage for a young person to make such a choice for her own health while looking very different from the norm. In the case of back pain I feel the choice should not have to be born by those courageous young people like Lexi. If this bag which trains posture and eliminates pain from students were the standard school bag, no one child would look different, our children would be without back pain, would develop bone strength and a lifelong habit of good posture, be able to enjoy walking and biking to school, and actually be in school without pain distracting them from a joy of learning.