BackTpack as ‘Universal Design’

Learn how BackTpack, with its unique features, works to help people in all walks of life, including those with special needs like the blind and deaf.

BackTpack on TV Evening News!

KATU BackTpack News Story

In this news clip KATU Evening News in Oregon tells the story of BackTpack, "Shifting the load: Study shows Salem inventor's backpack reduces strain, improves posture". Read on and watch the video...

Student Testimonials

Students share their thoughts about their BackTpacks, and how BackTpack has improved their posture and overall comfort.

School Chair Video

In this news clip from FOX 49 TV in Portland, Oregon Marilyn von Foerster teaches correct posture to school children and talks about back health of children and how to prevent back pain later in life.

Who We Are and Why BackTpack

The creator of BackTpack, Marilyn Miller von Foerster, has an AHA moment on the backpack solution. The problems with conventional backpacks and how BackTpack addresses them are explained. Join the BackTpack movement.

TODAY’s “Best Backpack”

TODAY News Spot Screen Shot

Kathie Lee and Hoda are joined by SHAPE Magazine editor-at-large, Bahar Takhtehchian, in the "Best Spring Bags" segment. Bahar talks BackTpack as part of the "best backpacks" portion of the segment, saying "So this is best backpacks for kids and adults. This one's pretty cool, it's from BackTpack. A physical therapist actually created this" ... "you're promoting good posture and it helps to relieve back pain. I think some of the camera guys might like this too." Kathie Lee added, "This is ingenious!" Please visit TODAY's website to view the clip. Foward to 2:45 to see only the BackTpack part.

Fit & Use Video for BackTpack 4

Get the full benefit of BackTpack 4 with its unique design and features. Learn how to fit it correctly to your body and how to adjust it for optimal comfort and function.

Fit & Use Video for BackTpack 1, 2 & 3

An easy video tutorial on how to adjust and fit your new BackTpack to you body and use while seated.

Aha Moment

Marilyn’s AHA Moment Entry

“Local physical therapist redesigns the backpack”

Screen shot of KATU video "Local physical therapist redesigns the backpack"

BackTpack featured on KATU Channel 2 and "Because most children wear backpacks the wrong way and suffer pain, bad posture and injuries, Salem physical therapist Marilyn Miller Von Foerster redesigned a new school bag, called the BackTpack." Sorry, this video is no longer available.

Getting up from a Chair

Statesman Journal, Getting Up from a Chair Video Screen Shot

Available through the Statesman Journal this video shows Marilyn, BackTpack's inventor, teaching the back healthy way to get up from a chair... Sorry, this video is no longer available.