Who We Are and Why BackTpack

The creator of BackTpack, Marilyn Miller von Foerster, has an AHA moment on the backpack solution. The problems with conventional backpacks and how BackTpack addresses them are explained. Join the BackTpack movement.

Schoolbag designed for spinal health

A physical therapist designs a school bag to improve posture and spinal health, especially important for children with back pain or scoliosis.

BackTpack Instructions: BTP-1, 2 & 3

An easy video tutorial on how to adjust and fit your new BackTpack to your body and to use it while seated.

BackTpack instructions: BTP-4

Get the full benefit of BackTpack 4 with its unique design and features. Learn how to fit it correctly to your body and how to adjust it for optimal comfort and function.

BackTpack as ‘Universal Design’

Learn how BackTpack, with its unique features, works to help people in all walks of life, including those with special needs like the blind and deaf.

Student Testimonials

Students share their thoughts about their BackTpacks, and how BackTpack has improved their posture and overall comfort.

Aha Moment

Marilyn’s AHA Moment Entry

School Chair Video

In this news clip from FOX 49 TV in Portland, Oregon Marilyn von Foerster teaches correct posture to school children and talks about back health of children and how to prevent back pain later in life.