BackTpack Features

The BackTpack is a backpack alternative that balances loads in side-bags rather than on the back. Axial loading reduces the force on your shoulders and spine while the side-bags provide easier access to your stuff. The product design continues to evolve promoting good posture and health, improve carrying efficiency, enhance comfort and keep you organized.

Two large side-bags

  • Balanced side-bags apply the load to the body’s vertical axis, thereby eliminating posture distortion and decreasing the effort required to carry the load. The load feels lighter and you stand straighter.

Line drawing of BackTpack

Multiple pockets inside and out (12 in total)

  • Cell phone pocket
  • Pen pockets inside each compartment
  • Large zippered pocket inside each compartment
  • Large open-topped pockets
  • Small outside pockets on the right and left

Adjustable shoulder straps

  • Padded for comfort
  • Secured in place by an adjustable sternum strap, so they never fall off your shoulders

Adjustable LAP-STRAP

  • This unique feature is essential for spinal health. Since you should not apply a load to a flexed spine (as when seated), the LAP-STRAP transfers the weight immediately off the shoulders and spine to the thighs without removing shoulder straps
  • The bags will remain accessible at our sides if you choose to remove shoulder straps

Accessing BackTpack while seated

Padded bottoms and side panels against your body

  • For durability and comfort

Hang loop for storage on a hook

In sizes for kids and adults