Fit & Use Instructions for BackTpack 4

BackTpack is a therapeutic system, designed by a physical therapist to improve habits of posture and body mechanics. This requires changing ingrained habits. BackTpack must be fit correctly and its unique features understood for proper function and benefit. The goal is to have your best posture, especially when carrying a load. BackTpack will not do it for you but will allow and facilitate this optimal posture.

1) ADJUST FIT WITHOUT LOAD Adjust Shoulder Straps (f) so that tops of bags are near elbows. Bags should hang straight and loosely at sides. Adjust desired hip width using the Adjuster (e-1) at back of the Hip-Loading Belt (e). Do this by tipping the Adjuster to 90 degrees from webbing and slide Hip-Loading Belt to the desired position.

2) LOAD bags evenly with flat items, similar to the weight you are accustomed to carrying. Now try the bag on with a load in order to experience its benefits.

3) PUT ON as a vest, with embroidered label on the outside of the back panel. If heavily loaded, start in the sitting position and put on one shoulder strap at a time. Make sure that the straps are not twisted. Stand as tall as possible, heart high, head high, making the body like a tall “T”, shoulders relaxed. Adjust and fasten Sternal Strap (c) at upper- to mid-chest.

4) STAND AND ADJUST STRAPS so they are even, with tops of the bags near elbows so you can get into them easily. If the contents are bulky you can use bag as an armrest, hands comfortably gripping shoulder straps. Fasten Lap Strap (d) loosely. This IS NOT a hip-loading belt. The Lap Strap is for load transfer onto thighs when sitting in an armless chair or when squatting to pick something up, etc. If you wish to use the Hip-Loading Belt (e), adjust for your size at its Front Buckle (e-2).

5) FINAL FITTING Sit in an armless chair with the bags on either side of the chair, Lap Strap (d) loosely fastened so that bags hang to sides for access. (Hip-Loading Belt not fastened) While sitting tall and shoulder straps on, make sure all the weight has transferred onto Lap Strap across lap. If the weight of the bag has not fully transferred from shoulders to the thighs while sitting tall in this armless chair, lengthen the Shoulder Straps (f) until you feel all the weight onto your lap without a lot of slack in the shoulder straps. This is the correct length. Next unbuckle the Lap Strap and see why it is such an important feature for sitting in an armless chair! Fasten the Lap Strap again and remove the shoulder straps to experience the freedom and convenience of being able to access contents while sitting, and without spinal loading. This unloading system in sitting is an extremely important health feature of BackTpack... Be sure to put the shoulder straps back on again before getting up!!

BackTpack 4 Fit & Use Illustration

6) HIP-LOADING BELT (e) If you have pain with any loading, spinal deformity, recent injury or surgery, or are planning to carry a heavy load for long distance, we recommend the Hip- Loading Belt. Fit the belt at the Front Buckle (e-2) to your waist or where you are most comfortable. Then fasten the Hip-Loading Belt to take some or all of the weight from shoulders and spine. The Hip-Loading Belt should not be used with prolonged sitting due to abdominal compression. Use the Lap Strap (d) when sitting.  The Hip-Loading Belt may be stowed away when not in use.