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Organized and Less Back Pain

“BackTpack is very helpful because it distributes the weight evenly on both sides and helps with my back pain. I also like being able to keep my things organized. I would give it an A+.”

Johnathan M.
May 2018

BackTpack Helps Blind Mom/Student and Family

I love BackTpack so much! I have had my first one for six years, and after all the abuse it has taken, it was time to buy a new one. I ordered it last week, and it came very quickly. My husband and oldest son also own BackTpacks and they have been great as we

January 2013
Everyday, School

BackTpack Helps Student’s Back, Neck and Shoulders after Accident

Over the past 4 years I was in a couple of car accidents in which I was rear ended while at a full stop. Because of this, I have major issues with my neck and lower back. As a result, I haven’t been able to handle any type of bag that I try to carry.

May 2012
Everyday, School, Travel

Comfort Compartments and Compliments

I like the BackTpack because it feels good to wear it. I love it! I love all the compartments, the color, the way it feels, the water bottle holder. With my low vision, the yellow is really bright against the purple and I get compliments on it all the time. I like the comfort, especially

Janie M.
May 2018
Everyday, Kids, Special Needs

What a Difference with BackTpack!

After I had been wearing my BackTpack for several months, I tried on my old conventional backpack to see if I’d feel a difference…and did I ever! I never realized how uncomfortable a regular backpack is until I had the BackTpack.    

Ball State University, Department of Theatre and Dance
September 2012

Physical therapist’s son “pain-free instantly”

Young boy getting onto a school bus with BackTpack

My son was having difficulty managing his backpack, and started complaining of back and shoulder pain after school. We tried the BackTpack and he felt pain-free instantly. He reports that the BackTpack “doesn’t hurt” and its design allows him to automatically turn on his posture muscles and stand straighter when he is waiting for the

Christina Howard, MPT
Program Coordinator, Physical Therapist Assistant Program,
Lane Community College, Eugene, OR
September 2014
Kids, Professional Recommendations, School

A Great Contribution to the Planet

Lady wearing BackTpack preparing to board a train

“I sure love my BackTpack and have taken it on planes, trains, automobiles, and cable cars! A great contribution to the planet!”

Karla E.
August 2019

BackTpack for Bulged Disks, Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia

I have used a BackTpack everyday for several years now. It’s worn out now and I’ve just ordered a new one. I had two bulged disks and arthritis in my spine AND fibromyalgia (and serious hand issues so I can’t use a rolling backpack); the BackTpack has been a big factor in allowing me the

April 2020
Professional Recommendations, School

A Help for Scoliosis

Ball State Theatre and Dance students in the hall all wearing BackTpack

I suffer from mild scoliosis, and years of wearing conventional backpacks and shoulder/tote bags continued to move my body in this ill direction. The BackTpack is groundbreaking because it doesn’t cause alignment problems to worsen like an average bag would. It frees your shoulders, neck, and spine in a way no other bag can!

College Student
Ball State University Department of Theatre and Dance
September 2013
School, Scoliosis

BackTpack Worked “Wonders” for Posture and Back Pain

My daughter has been having back problems for several years from carrying her standard backpack to school. Her pain had escalated to the point that we were making weekly visits to the chiropractor and she was taking nightly pain medication so she could sleep. I found the BackTpack and decided to try it. It works

B. Anderson
October 2012
Kids, School