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Brothers having Healthy Backs with BackTpack

Two teenage boys enjoying their BackTpacks

It’s comforting to know I am not damaging my back. I love how I can sit with the pack on while I’m on my way to school.   I love how the pack feels on. My old backpack hurt my back. I also like the pockets and all the different colors are fun!  

Drew B. and Corey B.
October 2021

Love BackTpack

I love mine! I use it all the time when I travel.

Mel S.
July 2018

With BackTpack No Back, Shoulder and Hip Aches

Just arrived home from an 8 day business trip across Europe. Seven airports, Multiple airlines, multiple hotels and miles of walking. All carrying a larger laptop and all the other necessary paraphernalia. This time I did it with a BackTpack. Unlike the dozens of backpacks and rolling briefcases I ‘ve gone through over the years,

Joy H.
July 2018

BackTpack Great for Medical School

I don’t get any kickbacks from BackTpack, but their bags – I found one in my school bookstore and then bought another online – were my go-to in medical school. I was able to keep lunch, snack and personal items (purse) on one side, and my school documents, computer, and some medical supplies on the

Electra A., ND
October 2018
Professional Recommendations, School, Travel

On Bikes

They work great on bikes of all kinds.

Penny V.
July 2018

Travel Without Pain

I love my BackTpack. I travel a lot. Now without back pain.

Joy H.
October 2018

School Bag & Small Dog Carrier

Young woman carrying two small dogs, one in each side bag of her BackTpack

Stephanie, 16, is very happy using the BackTpack for school and for carrying two Papillon dogs weighing 5 pounds each.

Stephanie, Australia
October 2021
Everyday, School

Pain Free Activity

Back T Pack is the best for travel, hiking, sitting on a fast train in Europe and playing frisbee on the beach! Builds good bones and posture, too!It keeps you aligned, balanced and pain free! Yay!

Mary R.
July 2018
Recreation, Travel

Good for Riding Bike to School

Boy happily riding his bike to school with comfort and balance wearing his BackTpack

My old backpack just weighed me down and half the time it was resting on the back tire when I rode my bike. My backpack even got a hole where it was resting on the bike tire. It just got too hard for me to ride my bike so I stopped. With my BackTpack, I

Stuart N.
October 2021

Quality Customer Service

I was unable to complete my purchase online so I called customer service. The phone call was answered promptly and my order was filled. I had a wonderful experience speaking with a very knowledgeable physical therapist. She was able to describe the product and help me choose the right bag for me. I am a

August 2018