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Reduced Pain for Field Scientist

BEFORE: After seeing a colleague’s BackTpack, I decided I had to get one for myself. But which one? I could use one for my teaching work. but I also thought it would work well for my work as a field naturalist who carries audio field recording gear, photography gear, and other things necessary for field

Lisa R., Cleveland Heights, Ohio
December 2013

Student Chooses BackTpack Over Conventional Backpacks

After I had been wearing my BackTpack for several months, I tried on my old conventional backpack to see if I’d feel a difference…and did I ever! I never realized how uncomfortable a regular backpack is until I had the BackTpack.

April 2020

BackTpack is Amazing for a Blind/Visually Impaired Person

This product is amazing! I have been looking for something like this since I became a white cane user over four years ago. As a blind/visually impaired person, our hands are already occupied with our guide dog and/or white cane. We have to bend a lot to care for our dogs who are our eyes

Tracey T
June 2017
Everyday, Special Needs

WOU Dance Professor Endorses BackTpack!

Dancers are notorious for carrying around bulky dance bags slung over one shoulder causing them to lean to one side. Students often load up their traditional backpacks to such an extent that they must lean forward in order to counterbalance the heavy load of books on their backs. Both of these situations cause poor alignment

Professor Sharon Oberst
Western Oregon University, Department of Dance
April 2020
Professional Recommendations, School

Perfect for Vinyl Collectors

Vinyl record collector using his BackTpack for finding vinyl records at a Flea Market

BackTpack is perfect for record collecting! It has room to carry round 80 records on your body (perfect for gigs in bars where you cannot afford a cab). Even if it’s filled, you can still sit or kneel down and dig in crates. It’s handy for traveling (it qualifies as a “personal item” on airlines,

Philipp W.
August 2013
Everyday, Travel, Work

Occupational Therapy Student Prefers BackTpack

I tried out the BackTpack today at the OTAC conference and loved it!! So comfy and felt like I wasn’t carrying anything! What a brilliant alternative to my current backpack that hurts me every day!”

Valerie H.
Occupational Therapy Assistant Student
October 2013
Professional Recommendations, School

Back and Neck Problems “Disappear” with BackTpack

This is the most amazing load carrying system ever invented. All my back and neck problems disappeared within 2 days of using it, and as a student carrying many pounds of books it has been a literal lifesaver for me. Every student should have one, as well as anyone who carries any kind of weight

B. Sommer
July 2013
Recreation, School