Work Testimonials

No Longer Strain on Neck When Walking or Using Public Transportation

With my traditional backpack, I was experiencing back pain and headaches caused by neck strain as the heavy loads would pull on my neck and shoulder muscles. As I need to carry a variety of items such as tools, books and electronics for work and study, I was looking for an ergonomic alternative. With the

Sharon W.
April 2018
School, Work

Prevents Usual Back and Shoulder Problems

I bought the BackTpack several years ago and have used it as a work bag, travel bag, and bike bag. It works. It’s lightweight yet really durable. Over a period of years the only significant issue was a chest clip that needed replacing and the company sent me one as soon as I told them

Tom K.
October 2015
Recreation, Travel, Work

Reduced Pain for Field Scientist

BEFORE: After seeing a colleague’s BackTpack, I decided I had to get one for myself. But which one? I could use one for my teaching work. but I also thought it would work well for my work as a field naturalist who carries audio field recording gear, photography gear, and other things necessary for field

Lisa R., Cleveland Heights, Ohio
December 2013

School Physical Therapist Loves His BackTpack 4

I really love the new BackTpack 4. The build quality is extremely high, and the built-in waist strap make wearing the bag even more comfortable than previous models. I use the strap all the time, especially when walking longer distances in the schools I serve. Even though I’m carrying a full-size laptop, An iPad, Chromebook,

Bruce Alter, PT, PCS
November 2018
Professional Recommendations, Work

Reduced Shoulder Pain and Better Posture for Professional and Everyday Use

I have had a BackTpack 4 for over three years. I bought it after I found a traditional backpack, which I had migrated to due to shoulder pain from an overly heavy purse, awkward. BackTpack allows me to stand erect. I can easily reach my wallet while in a store. I use my BackTpack on

Pam L.
March 2018
Everyday, Travel, Work

Perfect for Vinyl Collectors

Vinyl record collector using his BackTpack for finding vinyl records at a Flea Market

BackTpack is perfect for record collecting! It has room to carry round 80 records on your body (perfect for gigs in bars where you cannot afford a cab). Even if it’s filled, you can still sit or kneel down and dig in crates. It’s handy for traveling (it qualifies as a “personal item” on airlines,

Philipp W.
August 2013
Everyday, Travel, Work

Durable Bag for Medical Examiner

These bags are almost indestructible, and wash well. They are rather like Birkenstock® shoes; you need to be sure you like the color when you buy them, since they take years to wear out. The current bag has survived a few purses and is in better shape still than all the purses I have junked.

Marilyn Fraser, MD, Family Practice in Lincoln City, OR
Lincoln County Medical Examiner
June 2020