Hip-loading Belt Accessory


Hip-loading Belt accessory for the BackTpack 2 and 3 series bags. Provides the option to transfer weight to the hips and off-load the spine and shoulders. Included with the purchase of BTP3.1 and also compatible with older BTP2 and BTP3 series bags.

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The Hip-loading Belt accessory provides the option to load the hips and bypass some or all loading of the spine and shoulders. The Hip-loading Belt is helpful while traveling and walking long distances. It is a relief to feel the load off of your spine and shoulders after a long day on your feet. The Hip-loading Belt can also keep the side-bags secure at the sides when walking fast, running, biking, or during other activity. The Hip-loading Belt can also be used to reduce loads on injured or painful areas while carrying.

The Hip-loading Belt Accessory is included with purchase of the BackTpack 3.1 and is also compatible with older BTP2 and BTP3 series bags. BTP4 series bags have a Hip-loading Belt built-in.

IMPORTANT! Use of the Hip-loading Belt will minimize the posture training effect of the BackTpack carrying system. Postural training needs axial-loading through the shoulders and spine (and head when possible) so the body feels direction to respond vertically, the purpose of BackTpack’s design.

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  • Adjustable-size Hip-loading Belt to transfer load to the hips
  • One inch wide nylon webbing
  • Adjustable in length to 43 inches
  • Applied through the belt loops on body surfaces of BackTpack 2 and 3
  • Available in black only.


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