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Prevents Usual Back and Shoulder Problems

I bought the BackTpack several years ago and have used it as a work bag, travel bag, and bike bag. It works. It’s lightweight yet really durable. Over a period of years the only significant issue was a chest clip that needed replacing and the company sent me one as soon as I told them

Tom K.
October 2015

Pain Down in One Day

After wearing/using my BackTPack for one day, I have noticed a significant reduction in pain associated with carrying a handbag/purse and materials for work. Previously, I used/would carry a purse and backpack. Quality material and assembly….worth the

Queen L.
October 2015

Everyday for Two Years

After wearing my BackTpack, I will never wear a regular backpack again. After two years it shows minimal wear and tear, and I have used it every day. I have used it for my mile-long walk to work, for travel to art lessons, and as my only luggage on plane trips. I love

Sister Hilda
June 2015

Great Posture and Compartments

Posture comparison showing school boy with markedly improved Posture with BackTpack vs. Common backpack

We love the  Back T pack!!  It makes such a huge difference to posture when carrying any weight and all the compartments are great!!  Thank you

Tracy M., South Africa
January 2020

Happy Mom Happy Boys

Schoolboys from South Africa happy wearing their new BackTpack

Boys r doing just great… They said it is far better and their backs aren’t sore or bending

Mom from South Africa
February 2020

No Backaches and Safer on Ice

Ten year old girl happy with pink BackTpack 3.1
Thank you for the BackTpack! I liked it for the following reasons: I didn’t have to worry about all my belongings not being able to fit because this backpack has lots of room in it. When it’s icy and times when we have a lot of homework, I don’t have to worry about tipping over

Ayla, Age 10
January 2020

Pain Reduced in TMJ, Neck and Shoulders

I completed my Animal Biology Degree at the University of Guelph. Normal backpacks put a lot of strain on my shoulders, neck and back which in turn inflamed my TMJ or temporal-mandibular joint disorder. I found the BTP4 helped fix my posture and reduce the strain on my neck and shoulders, which reduced the inflammation

Michelle, Ontario CA
September 2019

Daily Ergonomics

Thank you Marilyn for creating this product! I have been using it for more than a year and a half almost on a daily basis and I absolutely love the ergonomic attention to detail that you have designed in this product! It is truly an amazing product

Fernando O.
September 2018

Better than Pilates

I’ve had intermittent back pain throughout my adult life – most likely due to poor posture and not being able to sit properly in most chairs (I am five feet tall). I practice Pilates to help with my core strength and other things but the BackTpack just automatically makes me stand taller and feel better

Ann C.
June 2019

Voice Improvement for Singer

You asked about my motivation behind the purchase of the BackTpack and it was really to try and reduce (and hopefully eliminate) pain and discomfort from my traditional backpack. I sing for a living, and so any undue stress or tension immediately manifests in my voice and affects my work. This is a big part

Eulis Kay
April 2019

Smiles and Energy

She loves her new bag. Came home full of smiles & energy and not so tired

R. Van Schalkwyk, Age 6, South Africa
April 2019

Osteoporosis With Compression Fracture

Great bag. I use it for my main shopping. I was horrified to realise the damage a rucksack does to ones posture young or old. I have severe osteoporosis with a T5 compression fracture so I certainly don’t want to make it worse. Thanks for a wonderful

Elaine C.
December 2018

School Physical Therapist Loves His BackTpack 4

I really love the new BackTpack 4. The build quality is extremely high, and the built-in waist strap make wearing the bag even more comfortable than previous models. I use the strap all the time, especially when walking longer distances in the schools I serve. Even though I’m carrying a full-size laptop, An iPad, Chromebook,

Bruce Alter, PT, PCS
November 2018

Totally Off of Pain Killers

My kids and we as parents are in your dept for ever. The kids have not complained about back pain in weeks. They are saying that even the way they sit in the desk at school is now more upright and not curled-over when writing. Michelle that was constantly in pain it totally off pain

Philip, South Africa
August 2018

BackTpack for Scoliosis, Even With Brace

Little girl with scoliosis brace and her purple BackTpack for school
Backpacks for my daughter since starting to wear her brace have been difficult… we tried a few different options and none were really great… until now! This crazy backpack solves all of the issues she has had, AND is healthier for her back! It applies the load to the vertical axis of the body, eliminates

Elizabeth Jean, B.
November 2018

BackTpack Important for Schoolchildren Worldwide

schoolchildren wearing BackTpack walking to school
We received the bags, it for my children (9 and 11 years old) and they love it as it really help eliminated the burden of carrying heavy school books. The same weight of books they were carrying in their normal backpack, they feel much lighter in this backtpack. I have been looking for a proper

A., Jordan
November 2018

Travel Without Pain

I love my BackTpack. I travel a lot. Now without back

Joy H.
October 2018

BackTpack Great for Medical School

I don’t get any kickbacks from BackTpack, but their bags – I found one in my school bookstore and then bought another online – were my go-to in medical school. I was able to keep lunch, snack and personal items (purse) on one side, and my school documents, computer, and some medical supplies on the

Electra A., ND
October 2018

Quality Customer Service

I was unable to complete my purchase online so I called customer service. The phone call was answered promptly and my order was filled. I had a wonderful experience speaking with a very knowledgeable physical therapist. She was able to describe the product and help me choose the right bag for me. I am a

August 2018

Love BackTpack

I love mine! I use it all the time when I

Mel S.
July 2018