Scoliosis is a spinal deformity that can worsen during the growth period of childhood and can become increasingly symptomatic later in life. Scoliosis should be treated as early as possible, as the curvature of the spine can only be corrected non-surgically if detected by early adolescence. The term “Orthopaedic” literally means “straight child,” based on this crucial period of skeletal physiology when bone deformity can be corrected without surgery.

It is essential to be diligent about good postural habits and especially how the spine is loaded during this period. When carrying a load, the weight should be symmetrical and upon or as close to the vertical spinal axis as possible. Bad posture habits, including one-sided postures and slumping, should be avoided.

Activities to strengthen the postural muscles should be encouraged. This is best done in standing activity where the body’s structure has the force of gravity as its gymnasium to train and strengthen good body alignment.

BackTpack, with its dual side bag system, provides correct axial and symmetrical spinal loading to strengthen posture by distributing a balanced load symmetrically to each side of the body. Other bags and conventional backpacks contribute to postural distortion because they are off-axis, one-sided systems. Therefore BackTpack is a healthy loading system for prevention of scoliosis as well as an important component of scoliosis treatment. Note that if there is pain associated with spinal loading, there is considerable deformity, or if there are conditions where your physician restricts spinal loading, the hip loading option should be used.

Our "Student Testimonials" video includes comments from a student suffering from Scoliosis...

balanced bag for scoliosis Scoliosis sufferer using her BackTpack

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