Testimonials about everyday activity with the BackTpack

Comfort Compartments and Compliments

I like the BackTpack because it feels good to wear it. I love it! I love all the compartments, the color, the way it feels, the water bottle holder. With my low vision, the yellow is really bright against the purple and I get compliments on it all the time. I like the comfort, especially

Janie M.
May 2018
Everyday, Kids, Special Needs

Back Pain Relief for Physician/Mother using BackTpack

Women sitting in a vehicle happily wearing her BackTpack
After two poor-outcome lumbar back surgeries in four years, I found out on my own how difficult it is to carry possessions in a traditional backpack, purse, briefcase or bag. The BackTpack is just great! I can wear it in the car, keep it on when I sit, load and unload when it’s on, and

Marilyn Fraser, MD
September 2023
Everyday, Professional Recommendations

Quality Customer Service

I was unable to complete my purchase online so I called customer service. The phone call was answered promptly and my order was filled. I had a wonderful experience speaking with a very knowledgeable physical therapist. She was able to describe the product and help me choose the right bag for me. I am a

August 2018

BackTpack Helps Student’s Back, Neck and Shoulders after Accident

Over the past 4 years I was in a couple of car accidents in which I was rear ended while at a full stop. Because of this, I have major issues with my neck and lower back. As a result, I haven’t been able to handle any type of bag that I try to carry.

May 2012
Everyday, School, Travel

Osteoporosis With Compression Fracture

Great bag. I use it for my main shopping. I was horrified to realise the damage a rucksack does to ones posture young or old. I have severe osteoporosis with a T5 compression fracture so I certainly don’t want to make it worse. Thanks for a wonderful

Elaine C.
December 2018
Everyday, Special Needs

BackTpack Helps Blind Mom/Student and Family

I love BackTpack so much! I have had my first one for six years, and after all the abuse it has taken, it was time to buy a new one. I ordered it last week, and it came very quickly. My husband and oldest son also own BackTpacks and they have been great as we

January 2013
Everyday, School

Pain Relief in Back, Neck and Shoulders for Guide Dog Handler

Woman with guide dog in comfort and balance using her BackTpack
I got your product from someone who had bought a number to resell. I’ve had it since mid June and have to say that it’s an incredible product! I have arthritis and deteriorative disk disease in my neck and upper spine, C6 through T4. This came about as a result of carrying heavy computer bags

Jenine S.
September 2023
Everyday, Special Needs, Travel

BackTpack Improves Balance on Uneven and Icy Surfaces

I received my BackTpack by mail yesterday. I loaded it with library books this morning and took off over very uneven, icy trails across about 10 blocks of parkland to my local library. Balance is superb. It is great to be able to load and unload without removing the harness and bags. It will be

Michael, Canada
April 2020
Everyday, School

Organized and Less Back Pain

“BackTpack is very helpful because it distributes the weight evenly on both sides and helps with my back pain. I also like being able to keep my things organized. I would give it an

Johnathan M.
May 2018

School Bag & Small Dog Carrier

Young woman carrying two small dogs, one in each side bag of her BackTpack

Stephanie, 16, is very happy using the BackTpack for school and for carrying two Papillon dogs weighing 5 pounds

Stephanie, Australia
September 2023
Everyday, School