Testimonials from parents and kids

BackTpack Important for Schoolchildren Worldwide

schoolchildren wearing BackTpack walking to school
We received the bags, it for my children (9 and 11 years old) and they love it as it really help eliminated the burden of carrying heavy school books. The same weight of books they were carrying in their normal backpack, they feel much lighter in this backtpack. I have been looking for a proper

A., Jordan
November 2018
Kids, School

No Backaches and Safer on Ice

Ten year old girl happy with pink BackTpack 3.1
Thank you for the BackTpack! I liked it for the following reasons: I didn’t have to worry about all my belongings not being able to fit because this backpack has lots of room in it. When it’s icy and times when we have a lot of homework, I don’t have to worry about tipping over

Ayla, Age 10
January 2020
Kids, School

Mom Wants to Start her Child Off Right

3 year old boy wearing red BackTpack Mini doesn't notice he is carrying some books while he is playing naturally
I’m a believer in BackTpack as being a proactive way to teach proper posture and prevent neck and back problems. And as I see it, it’s just like wearing a seat belt in the car or a helmet for bike riding, kids that have grown up with these habits are more likely to continue them

Nichole A.
February 2016
Kids, School

Wearing for School Everyday

Amadeo T.
June 2020
Kids, School

BackTpack Worked “Wonders” for Posture and Back Pain

My daughter has been having back problems for several years from carrying her standard backpack to school. Her pain had escalated to the point that we were making weekly visits to the chiropractor and she was taking nightly pain medication so she could sleep. I found the BackTpack and decided to try it. It works

B. Anderson
October 2012
Kids, School

Physical therapist’s son “pain-free instantly”

Young boy getting onto a school bus with BackTpack
My son was having difficulty managing his backpack, and started complaining of back and shoulder pain after school. We tried the BackTpack and he felt pain-free instantly. He reports that the BackTpack “doesn’t hurt” and its design allows him to automatically turn on his posture muscles and stand straighter when he is waiting for the

Christina Howard, MPT
Program Coordinator, Physical Therapist Assistant Program,
Lane Community College, Eugene, OR
September 2014
Kids, Professional Recommendations, School

BackTpack Mini Into Kindergarten

I got a BackTpack for my daughter when she was in preschool and she is now wearing it in kindergarten. It works so well that I am getting another one for my son, now that he is in

Heather B.
November 2019
Kids, School

Smiles and Energy

She loves her new bag. Came home full of smiles & energy and not so tired

R. Van Schalkwyk, Age 6, South Africa
April 2019
Kids, School

Comfort Compartments and Compliments

I like the BackTpack because it feels good to wear it. I love it! I love all the compartments, the color, the way it feels, the water bottle holder. With my low vision, the yellow is really bright against the purple and I get compliments on it all the time. I like the comfort, especially

Janie M.
May 2018
Everyday, Kids, Special Needs